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Community Jingle

This is so good, I love it! …Love this so much. We need a jingle for every part of Bristol!

James Hanson, BBC Radio Bristol

Music artist giving pizzaz to performance, purpose to pop songs, and playfulness to public speaking

Panel discussions

Charismatic performance.
Songwriting with purpose and love.
Bubbly Bristolian good for voiceovers,
interviews, discussions and on stage shenanigans.


Solo with costume/props £200 (+ travel/videos)

Duo with drummer/samples £350 (+ travel/videos)

Band: electronics +synths +/ piano+live strings £800+

Prices vary re set length/line-up

Voice / Speaking

Voiceovers with a genuine Bristolian accent £100+

Public speaking/ hosting / panel discussions

Discounts for some causes

Songwriting / Projects

Song/poem for a loved one £100-1,000+

Songwriting for a cause/ project £500-£2,000

Prices vary depending on production level required

Creative community consultancy on request.

Super huge thanks [to Kala] for being such an awesome person to work with. [Her] creativity, hard work, joy de vivre and skills are very much appreciated as is all [her] input to make online LNY a success 

Karen Garvey
Engagement officer, Events (Museums) | Bristol Culture & Creative Industries
Example presenting, commissions, interviews

“A breath of fresh air… entertaining, very professional and …captivated a large audience, to many of whom this would have been an unusual and very different experience.” 

Ric Davison

Let’s make something special happen!