The Embassy 大使館

Other suggestions…

Learn to write Chinese

To learn Cantonese, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese or Malaysian you can try Innovative Language

CLUBS AND CLASSES near my base in Bristol

Smiley Origami – lessons, workshops and events

Image by Joss Holmes

Cantonese meet up for speakers and learners

Mandarin meet upfor speaking and socialising

Kimono lessons

Bath Manga Society facebook group

Overseas Chinese Association Sunday Chinese Langauge school 

Chinese Tuition

Bath Chinese School

Bonsai Ko – help caring for your bonsai (Brighton)


BWECB( Business, Education, Arts & Culture )

0100 BWECB Logo BK OL



South Gloucestershire Chinese Association





BACWA (health and social care support)







Guangzhou Underground 广州地下                                                                            gzug

(DJs, promoters, labels bringing underground dance music from around the world to China,
and promoting talent from China internationally.)

China Exchange                                                                                                                    ChinaExchange_Logos




Asia House ( Business, Politics, Culture)                                                                    ah-logo





Bristol Bonsai Society                                                                                                                          imgres



Society for Anglo Chinese Understanding                                                                 sacu 



British East Asian Artists

Overseas Chinese Association

UoB Lion Dance troupe 

UoB Chinese Chess and Calligraphy Society

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