The Market 市場


Fitted superhero Makala t-shirt – Image by Marcus Way
Cheung snapback – Image by Marcus Way
Slim fit Superhero Makala t-shirt – Image by Marcus Way










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Empress 皇后 (released Mini Moon Festival 2017) also available on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify and more.

“A fine collection of tunes with powerful lyrics that talk of self-determination, beating the odds and trusting in yourself. The messages are particularly strong in terms of empowerment for women but apply well for men too. The opening track ‘Fire’ is my favourite… if you like electronica and care about lyrics you will love this album.” Mike Isaacs, Bristol Music Industry Network Director

Moon 月 (released Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival 2015)  available above and at online stores.

“With a sliver of trip-hop, drum n bass, classical Chinese instrumentals, RnB, pop, electro, and even a little slice of girly indie, Moon is seamlessly fused by Cheung’s emotive vocals and just a slice of attitude. ” Tom Osborne, The Flux

“[Empty Pocket from Moon] Her punchiest, most club-ready output to date.”
Loki Lillistone, Editor of Bristol Live Magazine

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