Ask Me

Since everyone’s been asking me why I changed my name I thought I’d make it clear why I’m no longer going under the name of Lady K. I was advised by pros that it was not a unique name. They are right, I have the name I was born with, and since my EPs gonna be called Who I Am it was like it was meant to be. And on the theme of Who I Am and what people are asking me, I thought I’d share this Chinese song that my dad (Ba Ba) sang to me,when I told him all this. It reflects how I’m feeling right now.
Translated it goes like this…
“Ask me how often I’m happy, ask me how often I cry, how can I count it clearly
Ask me what makes me happy, ask me what makes me sad, I answer with the smile, I am who I am
It doesn’t matter how many times I’m right, or if I do many wrongs, I except the results
Facing the whole world, not afraid of what will happen, I whole heartedly stay true to who I am
Ask me how often I win or lose, it doesn’t matter, I couldn’t count it clearly
One day I’ll reach the end of my life, and it doesn’t matter what storms I go through
As long as I can shout out and say I was true to who I am.”
Here’s the link if you want to hear it:

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