Album Review :: ‘RIVER’ by ‘Makala Cheung’

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* Makala Cheung *


2014 is well and truly on the way. As for the new year in Asia, it’s just beginning.

Exploding into the spotlight, Bristol basedMakala Cheungis putting her stamp in the music scene in a big way. 

Being year of the horse things are going to race ahead with lots of exciting new adventures, including the music scene. Fresh new music is what most of us are craving, something with a twist that’s going to get our senses stimulated, this is where I introduceMakala Cheung‘.

Makala CheungThe albumRiveris filled with beautifully blended raw beats, RnB, Blues, Dub and Soul. Cleverly combining an oriental influence, smothered with Makala’s stunning vocal range, topped off with some outstanding piano compositions, this album gets me excited.

Something special is happening here. It’s not just about fresh Bristol beats, something captivates…

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