How to get confident in front of a crowd of people

I’ve never been that confident about getting on stage or giving a speech. But over the years I’ve done it a lot and get some good feedback and it was suggested I share some tips:

Keep doing it until it’s less scary. Both practicing it at home (including how you’ll move around or hold yourself) and actually doing more performances/speeches. It gets better! I’d say it’s less bad after about 3 times, and you have to keep doing it often or it’s like starting again.

Focus on what you’re giving people (advice, a song, a joke, whatever). They aren’t sat there judging you, they’re waiting in happy anticipation of what you’re about to give.

Don’t worry about or focus on impressing anyone. You’re not there to win anyone over (or even say it’s a big presentation, or important gig just forget that), just have fun with it!! Enjoy it! Smile!

Extra other tips for if it’s a presentation for work or something:

Forget talking slowly, talk your normal pace and be natural and you’ll feel more at ease and remember it’s your heart and feeling more than the words. Just have 3 key points and story to tell and talk around that with maybe a few pictures to illustrate or prompt you!

A quicky today I know but people ask me this a lot and I like to help people know this. If you want any more advice or help feel free to message me!

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