When I’m With You

Rehearsals start for getting out to open mics, starting with The Plantation (Bristol) on Tuesday.

Who is Chau Chong / Zhou Chong?

He is my great uncle, but as my nan has lost her memory we the ‘Cheungs’ have lost some of our family history.

Thank you to a lovely youtuber who recently filled me on on more details: “Zhou Chong (1925 – 1993), was born in Guangzhou, Hong Kong broadcaster, composer and lyricist, known as “broadcasting Emperor” or “broadcasting Prince”, he was the composer, lyricist and singer in one and could sing very well in early Cantopop, lyricist James Wong named him as ‘the father of Cantopop’. ”

I really wish I knew more! It’s very difficult to search for someone when you don’t really speak the language, and definitely can’t write the characters (all 26,000 of them!)

It is good to know though that it must be in my blood! I wonder if I should hire e detective? In fact anyone that knows chinese writing could probably solve it in a few google clicks!

Ask Me

Since everyone’s been asking me why I changed my name I thought I’d make it clear why I’m no longer going under the name of Lady K. I was advised by pros that it was not a unique name. They are right, I have the name I was born with, and since my EPs gonna be called Who I Am it was like it was meant to be. And on the theme of Who I Am and what people are asking me, I thought I’d share this Chinese song that my dad (Ba Ba) sang to me,when I told him all this. It reflects how I’m feeling right now.
Translated it goes like this…
“Ask me how often I’m happy, ask me how often I cry, how can I count it clearly
Ask me what makes me happy, ask me what makes me sad, I answer with the smile, I am who I am
It doesn’t matter how many times I’m right, or if I do many wrongs, I except the results
Facing the whole world, not afraid of what will happen, I whole heartedly stay true to who I am
Ask me how often I win or lose, it doesn’t matter, I couldn’t count it clearly
One day I’ll reach the end of my life, and it doesn’t matter what storms I go through
As long as I can shout out and say I was true to who I am.”
Here’s the link if you want to hear it: http://youtu.be/iZFvfzdApMA